Crown Toppers for Thinning Hair

The magic of easy-wear options is undeniable. Instant volume at your fingertips!

Dealing with thinning hair can be a challenging journey. We know it. We know it very well.

How many times you have been told: “It is just hair, this doesn’t define you!” Oh well… yes, it’s only hair but…it sucks!

The pursuit of fuller, voluminous locks often leads many to explore different solutions. One such solution, after trying to regrow the lost locks, is crown toppers for thinning hair. (AKA Hair Toppers). I believe that shopping for crown hair toppers starts when hair extensions can not keep up with the covering job anymore… Do you relate?

This product has become a game-changer in the world of hair care and styling. It’s not just about hiding areas of concern; it’s also about boosting confidence. Crown toppers offer an easy, quick, and effective way to regain that lost volume and vibrancy, making your hair look naturally lush again. But like any other beauty product, understanding them is crucial before diving in.

Crown Toppers For Thinning Hair: Pick what interests you the most!

Navigating Societal Perceptions: Addressing Shame and Self-Consciousness in Considering Hair Solutions

Crown toppers for thinning hair
Pic credit: Crown Coture

In contemporary society, despite the increasing prevalence and acceptance of solutions like crown toppers for thinning hair and wigs, a substantial number of women still carry feelings of shame and self-consciousness. 

In today’s world, some women still feel embarrassed about wearing certain hairpieces like crown toppers for thinning hair and wigs, even though many people are okay with it. 

They worry about what others might think and society’s ideas about beauty can make this worry even worse. 

This makes it hard for them to consider using things like crown toppers. They’re scared that others might judge them or think they’re not strong. This fear stops many young and mature women from feeling better about themselves. 

But they should understand that using alternative hair like crown toppers is a way to take care of ourselves and feel better. 

We should all feel okay about trying things that make us feel better, without feeling embarrassed or fearing judged.

Exploring the World of Crown Toppers for Thinning Hair

If you’re experiencing thinning hair or any form of hair loss, it’s worth considering exploring the world of hair crown toppers. These innovative solutions offer a variety of options that can transform your look in an instant by adding volume and coverage while providing style versatility.

A good quality clip-in crown topper hairpiece provides not only comfort but also secure attachment with silicone-backed clips. This ensures no damage is done to your natural hair during wear time. Moreover, they offer styling versatility, enabling various looks without compromising on a natural appearance.

Crown toppers for thinning hair come in different shapes and materials although, they all share similar benefits.

A mono-top features a breathable mesh base which provides extended comfort throughout the usage period. A silk top base ensures 100% realism of the parting area. 

Nevertheless, crown hair toppers’ ease of application makes them perfect even for beginners who might be new to using hairpieces.

hair piece crown

Understanding Base Sizes: How Big Should Your Crown Toppers For Thinning Hair be?

In your search for the ideal product, you’ll discover that base size plays an important role when it comes to choosing hair toppers. These handy accessories are designed with various base sizes tailored specifically according to different stages of thinning or loss.

Larger bases provide fuller crown coverage, which makes them suitable if you’re experiencing advanced-stage balding. On the flip side, smaller bases offer targeted solutions perfect if only specific areas need additional volume – thus making these great choices during the early stages of hair loss.

A contrast from this approach would be full wigs; they provide comprehensive scalp coverage regardless of your current stage of baldness. 

When it comes to finding the right crown hair topper for thinning hair, accurate measurements are key. 

Since the base size of the topper depends on the specific thinning area you want to cover, taking precise measurements ensures a comfortable and natural-looking fit. 

In this user-friendly guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of measuring your head, allowing you to choose a crown hair topper that seamlessly addresses your thinning concerns.

Starting From “The Base”: What Size Crown Topper I Should Consider?

Measure Your Thinning Area

Gather Materials: You’ll need a fabric tape measure, a mirror, and maybe a friend to help you.

    1. Measure Widest Points: Take the tape measure and find the widest points of your hair loss area. This means the spots where your hair is thinnest or where you’ve lost the most. Measure from side to side and from front to back. 

    2. Pro Tip – Add One Inch / 2 cm: When you write down your measurements, add one inch / 2cm to both the front-to-back and side-to-side measurements. This extra space will make sure there’s room for the clips to attach the topper securely where your hair is stronger.

Front-to-Back Measurement: Hold one end of the tape measure at the center of your forehead, right where your hairline begins. Gently bring the tape measure over your head, following your natural hairline, and measure all the way to the back of your head where your thinning area ends. 

This gives you the front-to-back measurement. 

2. Side-to-Side Measurement: Place one end of the tape measure at the widest point on one side of your hair loss area. Carefully bring the tape measure over your head to the widest point on the other side of your hair loss area. 

This gives you the side-to-side measurement.

Consider Wig Options: If your hair loss area is bigger than 9″x9″ or 20cm x 20cm,  you might want to think about getting a wig instead of a topper. Wigs cover more area and can be a good choice for larger hair loss.

Color: Rooted Crown Hair Toppers

Crown Toppers whether in rooted versions or not, have unique characteristics worth considering before purchasing one based on individual needs and preferences. 

For instance, rooted models often feature darker roots, giving the impression of a more authentic growth pattern, whereas non-rooted variants maintain a uniform color from root to tip, offering a sleek and cohesive aesthetic appeal instead.

I personally love rooted / shadow-rooted crown toppers as they mimic natural hair growth patterns where new hairs are typically darker than sun-lightened or previously colored strands at the tips, providing an incredibly realistic look.

Crown Hair Toppers for thin hair
Shadow Rooted Crown Topper

Color: Non-Rooted Crown Hair Toppers

Looking for an alternative to a rooted crown topper? Consider a non-rooted option instead. With this choice, you can enjoy a uniform color from root to tip, resulting in a consistent look throughout your hair without any gradient effect. I personally think that this suits those with dark hair, such as black or very dark brown as this option still maintains a realistic appearance.

This difference essentially boils down to a choice between two styles: either opting for something that closely mimics your own naturally occurring shades or preferring a single solid hue throughout. Remember, your choice of Crown topper for thinning hair will have to match your hair color in order to seamlessly blend. (I am not saying 100% an exact match but close enough).

Real scalp on a Hair Topper For Thinning Hair
Non- rooted crown hair topper

What Length Should My Crown Toppers For Thinning Hair Be?

When determining the length of a crown hair topper, remember that the topper should be slightly longer than your natural hair. This extra length is important for achieving a realistic look. Additionally, opting for a topper that is slightly longer provides an advantage: as you wear it, the tips may experience some normal wear and tear, like the hair attached to your head! By having the topper a bit longer, you’ll have the option to trim the ends later on when needed allowing you to maintain a fresh and natural appearance even after a little wear and tear. This consideration ensures that your crown hair topper remains looking its best.

Shopping For Hair Toppers Made Easy

Purchasing a hair crown topper can be overwhelming, given the huge amount of options available. Nevertheless, recognizing the characteristics to consider and discovering sources of top-notch items can make it simpler.

Finding The Right Retailer

The first step in finding your perfect crown topper is identifying reputable retailers that offer superior quality. Online stores such as Lusta Hair, Crown Coture, and Hidden Crown, are renowned for their wide range of top-tier Remy human hairpieces. In addition, these platforms provide detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and comprehensive guides on how you should choose and care for your purchase, making them reliable sources not just for shopping but also for learning about the different types of hairpieces they offer.

Selecting High-Quality Materials

A critical factor when shopping is choosing a material that suits your needs best. Synthetic alternatives might seem more affordable initially; however, they lack the natural appearance and longevity offered by human hair toppers. This difference becomes especially apparent over time with regular use and styling requirements. Unlike most synthetics, real-human-hair pieces, not only have a much longer life span, they also withstand heat tools without damage, blending seamlessly with existing strands, offering an undetectable solution even up close.

Crown hair topper for thinning hair

Achieving A Realistic Look And Feel

The key factor contributing towards achieving a realistic look involves understanding how to best style these products  Indeed, modern-day crown toppers come equipped with features like comfortable silicone-backed clips, providing secure attachment while remaining virtually undetectable even upon close inspection.

In addition, the amazing styling versatility offered by human hair crown toppers allows for more freedom. It’s all about personal taste. Worrying about exposing any telltale signs typically associated with wearing artificial pieces opens up endless possibilities, allowing you to reclaim control of your looks despite facing issues related to thinning hair and giving rise to a renewed sense of self-assurance you deserve.

Do you want to learn how to best care for your human hair toppers or wigs?

Confused about all the different bases of crown hair toppers available?


Is a synthetic hair topper better than a human hair topper?

Synthetic and human-hair toppers have their merits. Synthetic ones maintain style longer but can’t be heat-styled; human-hair versions offer more styling flexibility and a much longer life span but require more upkeep. Read more here about synthetic hair toppers VS human hair toppers. 

What is a crown topper for thinning hair?

A crown topper is an extension designed specifically for covering thinning or balding at the top of the head – hence ‘crown’ in its name.

Are hair toppers good for thin hair?

Hair toppers are excellent for thinning hair. They add volume, cover bald spots, and blend seamlessly with your natural locks. When styled properly, none will even suspect you are wearing one. Just make sure to choose a quality piece and take care of it properly! 

How long does your hair need to be to wear a topper?

You need at least a couple of inches (4/5cm) to be able to attach the hair topper’s clip to your natural hair. You can find great hair toppers for short hair that will suit your style.

How can I hide my thinning hair on my crown?

You landed exactly on the right side of the web! A crown hair topper is a perfect choice to hide thinning hair on top effortlessly and in only a couple of minutes! Check also our guide on how to choose the best hair toppers here.