“MyHairToppers.com” and how it was born…

As a blogger and writer, I strongly believe in the potential of sharing stories and knowledge to empower and encourage others. Through this blog, I aim to broaden my audience and offer assistance to all women who are experiencing hair loss or struggling with thinning hair, regardless of the underlying reason.

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Welcome to “MyHairToppers“!

I suffered from an eating disorder for a very long time and yes, unfortunately, my hair suffered too… having to say goodbye to my beautiful locks (deprived for years and years of proper nutrition) has been one the hardest part of it all. Down the line, as if losing my hair because of anorexia wasn’t enough, I also developed Trichotillomania (TTM), also known as a hair-pulling disorder or compulsive hair-pulling. It is not as bad as it was years ago, although, I am still dealing with it.  

In the past, I ran an online store and It was a place where I could share my expertise and provide beautiful, discreet, and easy-to-wear hairpieces to women. Unfortunately, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, I faced significant challenges in sourcing hair and dealing with shipping difficulties. Regrettably, I had to make the difficult decision of closing the store.

I am a writer with years of experience in the hair industry and I am now here to share my knowledge with all the women who are looking for information about the world of hair toppers, wigs, extensions and hair replacements.

 (I know how overwhelming it can be to buy hair online, especially if it is the first time!)

Everything about hair care, hair toppers, wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces!

I hope you find the content on this blog informative and that it will help you somehow to navigate the amazing world of alternative hair! Feel free to explore and engage with me through comments and questions. You are also very welcome to write to me in private via my contact form.

I am happy to give you a free virtual consultation if you are in trouble choosing your first hairpiece! Just reach out!  (I speak English, Italian, Spanish and Hebrew!)

Chat soon,

xoxo E

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