Best Hair Toppers for women

Best Hair Toppers For Women

Does The Best Really Exist?

Selecting the best hair toppers for women can be a tricky business. There are numerous brands out there selling great products and what makes a hair topper the best, is the one that fulfills our personal needs.

The best hair toppers for women come in various types, shapes and forms and each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Like everything in life!

I wrote this article based on my experience in trying them all (yes, I did! I own around 30 to 40 different hair pieces!) What are my thoughts about the best hair toppers for women in 2023? Let’s get into it!

Best Hair Toppers For Women - In this Article

Understanding Hair Toppers for Thinning Hair: What is a Hair Topper?

A hair topper, also known as a hairpiece or wiglet, is a hair replacement solution that is designed to cover and conceal hair loss or thinning on the top and crown of the head. Hair toppers are a popular option for individuals who are experiencing hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, chemotherapy, or other medical conditions. They are a great accessory that I incorporate personally into my daily look.

Hair toppers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different hair types, styles, and needs. The most common types of hair toppers are monofilament, lace, silk, skin base and integration system.

Which are the best hair toppers for women? – Let’s Talk About “Base”.

Monofilament bases are made of a fine mesh material that allows the scalp to breathe and create a natural look. Lace bases also provide a realistic appearance but require extra care due to their delicate nature. A Silk base topper has a smooth surface that imitates a healthy scalp, but it may not be as breathable.

A Skin base, also known as Polyurethane or PU, is the most realistic-looking one but lacks in breathability as it is taped or glued to your scalp. Wefted toppers are an affordable option but are the least realistic as they lack a parting line to mimic the scalp. And last, but not least, a hair integration system mixes the hairpiece with your natural hair.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each type of base will help you make an informed decision when selecting your piece. Additionally, the application process is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a hair topper as they can be attached using clips, tape, or glue.

Hair toppers for women

Selecting the best hair toppers can be a challenging endeavor, considering various aspects that come into play. Everyone has unique expectations when it comes to comfort, convenience, costs and authenticity of the piece. 

It’s essential to thoughtfully evaluate your requirements and preferences before committing to a choice.

Toppers may differ in size. The base of the hairpiece varies depending on the individual hair loss, bald spots, or thinning areas that need to be concealed.

The main factor distinguishing different hair toppers is their base construction. The base of a hair topper can be a: monofilament, lace, silk top, skin top, or wefted.

The Benefits of Wearing A Topper

Whatever your choice is, the benefits of purchasing a hair topper are tremendously good: your thinning hair will not be a concern anymore and you will experience increased confidence, improved appearance, and the ability to style your hair as you always wished.

Since I discovered these amazing accessories (8 years ago already!) I cannot deny the boost I had when it came to my self-esteem. It may sound vain, but we, women, like to look good to feel good.

Feeling good about yourself and taking care of your appearance is okay and normal. It’s important to have confidence and feel happy with how you look. Looking after yourself and feeling good about who you are is essential for your overall well-being.

It only becomes a problem if you get too obsessed with your look and you forget about other important things in your life.

The trick is to find a good balance. It’s okay to express yourself and take care of yourself, including how you look. But remember, there are many other great qualities about you beyond just how you look. It’s important to value those qualities too, like your personality, skills, and how you treat others.

Bottom line: if your hair loss is a concern, wear the damn topper or wig be happy and proud of who you are! ALWAYS!

Best Hair Toppers for women

Best Hair Toppers for women- Key Takeaways
• Toppers come in various types with different base materials, including monofilament, lace, silk, skin, hair integration and wefted.
• Each base material has its advantages and disadvantages, such as breathability, realism, and durability.
• Hair toppers can be attached using clips, tape, or glue, and offer benefits such as increased confidence and the ability to style hair as desired.

Hair Toppers’ Different Bases – Pros & Cons And How To Wear Them

The following bases can be found in both, human hair toppers and synthetic hair. Let’s discover if we can find the best hair toppers!

Silk Hair Toppers

A silk base is made with a silk material that mimics the look of a natural scalp. A silk top is composed of 3 layers: silk on top and 2 layers of lace material underneath. 

The hair strands are carefully sewn into the silk layer, making them look like they’re growing from your scalp. 

No need to bleach the knots for them to be invisible as they are hidden between the 3 layers. The silk is strong, realistic, and matches your skin tone perfectly. 

Silk hair toppers are a popular choice for individuals who want a natural-looking hairline and prefer a more durable and long-lasting material than lace.


  • Extremely natural-looking scalp.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Can be parted anywhere.
  • Comfortable to wear.


  • May not be as breathable as other types of hair toppers.
  • May feel “bulkier” on your head due to the 3 layers of material causing the piece to be thicker compared to other bases.
  • Can be more expensive than other types of toppers as more hand labor is required.
Silk Top Hair topper - looks like real scalp
Silk top - looks like a real scalp
Silk Top Hair Topper base

Application method:

  • Silk Toppers are usually secured to your head with snap clips.
  • The clips have a rubber strip on the part where your natural hair is secured. This provides extra grip and a cushioning effect which minimizes pulling your bio hair.


  • The most natural and undetectable option if you are looking for 100% realism. In my opinion, this is one of the best hair toppers in the market today.

Monofilament & Double Monofilament Hair Toppers

A Monofilament base is very similar to a silk base but made with only 1 layer of a thinner material. A double monofilament has an additional layer that covers the hair knotted on the cap. Mono and double filament bases also mimic the look of a natural scalp. The thin material blends with your skin tone allowing the scalp to show through.  The hair strands are hand-tied onto the monofilament base, which allows for natural movement and parting. Both bases are lightweight, breathable, soft on the skin and comfortable to wear. They are a popular choice for individuals with sensitive scalps or who want a natural-looking hairline.


  • Natural-looking scalp
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Breathable



  • Can be more expensive than other types of hair toppers.
  • May require more maintenance and styling.


Application method:

  • They are secured to your head and your bio hair by snap clips like silk base toppers.



  • If you have a sensitive scalp this base is the best choice. Double and monofilament are lightweight, super soft and gentile on the skin.
Lace Top Hair Topper base
Monofilament Hair Topper base
Monofilament Hair Topper parting
Monofilament Hair Topper parting

Lace Hair Toppers

A lace base is made with a sheer lightweight and breathable material. The hair strands are hand-tied onto the lace base, which allows for natural movement and parting. Lace hair toppers are a popular choice among women that want a natural-looking hairline and scalp. Please take note: to look realistic the knots will need to be bleached.


  • Offers a natural-looking hairline.
  • They are versatile and can be styled and parted in any direction.
  • Are very lightweight and comfortable to wear.


  • Require more maintenance and styling skills.
  • Lace material may be more delicate and prone to tearing.
  • The lace at the front (hairline) has to be glued or taped to lie flat. 
  • Knots may need to be bleached on dark colors hair.

Application method:

  • They are secured to your head with snap clips like monofilament and silk top bases. The front hairline may require to be glued or taped to lay flat.
  • You need to make sure to buy your topper with bleached knots. (Ask the retailer if they provide this service).


  • The flattest and lighter options of all. This is a great option if you want to recreate the illusion of a seamless hairline.
Lace Top light hair topper
Lace Top Topper Hairline
Lace Hair Toppers
Lace Front Hair Topper

Skin Base Hair Toppers (Skin Injection -Polyurethane/PU)

A skin base is made with a thin, silicone-like material that mimics the look of a natural scalp. The hair strands are injected into the skin base, which allows for a natural-looking hairline and scalp. Skin base hair toppers are a popular choice for individuals who want a seamless and undetectable hair replacement solution. This base is ideal for women that feel the clips uncomfortable or when the hair is too sparse, very thin and fragile for clips.


  • Seamless and undetectable.
  • Have the best natural-looking scalp.
  • No need to take them off every night. It will be like having your own full head of hair.


  • Not be as breathable as other types of hair toppers.

Application method:

    • They are bonded to your hair which means glued or taped to your scalp.
    • Some come with clips as well. (I personally think that bonding this base contributes to a better finish as it will be flat on your head).


    • If you are looking for a solution that will allow you to keep your topper day and night, this is the perfect choice for you. Bonded skin top toppers last several weeks at a time.
Skin Top Hair Toppers - bondable Topper for women
Skin Base Hair Toppers
Hair Topper No clips - bonded with glue or tape
Bondable Skin Base Hair Topper

Hair Integration Toppers – Microlines

As the name suggests, hair integration toppers mix the hairpiece with your natural hair. The base of the topper has small holes that allow you to pull your hair through, creating a natural blend. The result is a full head of hair that looks and feels completely natural. You must have enough hair in order to anchor the integration.


  • The topper blends seamlessly with your natural hair, giving you a natural-looking result that is virtually undetectable
  • The scalp showing is yours, therefore the effect is totally natural.
  • The scalp can breathe freely.
  • They last several weeks at a time.


  • They are installed only by professionals in order to ensure a proper fit.
  • Requires Regular Maintenance (done by a professional) to reinstall once your hair grows. 
  • A poorly fitted topper can cause discomfort and even headaches.

Application method:

  • Your natural hair is inserted through the holes of the topper’s base blending with the hairpiece. 


  • If you’re looking for a non-surgical hair solution that looks and feels natural, hair integration toppers are a great option to consider. 
Integration Hair Topper
Integration Hair Topper
Integration Hair Topper

Wefted Hair Toppers

Wefted toppers are a budget-friendly option, often using synthetic fibers. The wefted design involves sewing the hair onto the cap in a continuous seam. Some wefted toppers may also include a feature called permatease, providing lasting lift and volume, usually found at the crown. Permatease is like a little trick used in some hair toppers and wigs to make them look fuller and bouncier. It helps give the piece more lift and volume. In short, permatease are short, tangled fibers on the base of the topper.

In certain toppers, there is a combination of monofilament and wefted construction. The monofilament base is positioned in the center, allowing for easy hair parting, while the wefted section surrounds the edge of the monofilament base.



  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not as realistic as other bases as in some cases there is no parting line.
  • Can be rough on the skin.


Application method:

  • They are secured to your head with snap clips like monofilament and silk top bases.



  • If you are on a budget and just starting with toppers a wefted cap can be an excellent choice for you to experiment with without breaking the bank!
Wefted Hair Topperr - the parting is less natural
Wefted Hair Topper
Wefted Hair Topper
Wefted Hair Topper

Summary and Editor’s Note

Hair toppers are a wonderful and effective solution for those experiencing hair loss or thinning, with various base materials like silk, monofilament, lace, skin, and wefted to suit different needs and styles.

My advice: when choosing a hair topper, consider your comfort, budget, lifestyle and desired look. Embrace your unique beauty and remember that feeling good about yourself goes beyond appearance. Confidence shines from within, so find the best hair topper that enhances your natural radiance and enjoy the newfound boost it brings to your self-esteem!