Wigs Types: Chart Made Easy 

8 different wig caps types explained

Wigs types

In this simplified and easy-to-read wigs types chart, we’re breaking down 8 different wig types and the perks they bring to the table. So whether you’re looking to purchase your perfect wig or just curious, we tried to simplify the juicy deets to help you pick the wig that matches your style. We hope you will find these simplified wig-type descriptions useful! 

Wigs Types – Caps Explained 

Wigs Types Cap Construction

Wigs types Description

1. Silk Top Wigs Types 

Experience the pinnacle of realism with a silk top. The silk material conceals the knots, creating the illusion of hair growing directly from your scalp. Enjoy unmatched comfort and natural appearance. Perfect if you are after an ultra-authentic look. (Silk Top Hair Topper and wigs are my thing!!)

2. Hand-Tied Monofilament Caps Experience

Monofilament Hand Tied Caps have a supernatural movement. Every single hair is individually hand-tied onto the base, resulting in the most realistic look. It’s the softest and coziest cap, perfect for sensitive scalps and hair loss. You have the freedom to style in any direction, and it’s also known as 100% hand-knotted for its unparalleled craftsmanship. 

3. Monofilament Top Wefted Caps Wigs Types 

Natural look with parting versatility. These caps create the illusion of hair growth from the scalp and allow for individual, hand-tied hairs. You can part and style your hair in various directions. Monofilament wigs may have this feature at the part, crown, or entire top. Double monofilament wigs offer added comfort for sensitive scalps. 

4. Lace Front Wigs 

Get ready for a hairline that looks as natural as it gets. Lace front wigs create the illusion of natural hair growth along the front hairline, allowing for styling away from the face. They can come pre-trimmed and ready to wear, or you can personalize them to your liking. Handle the delicate material with care. Amazing, like lace front hair toppers. 

5. Basic Caps Wigs Types 

Basic caps are the most common and budget-friendly design. Hair wefts are securely sewn onto the cap, which boasts a closed lace layer at the crown. The hair is styled and often teased at the crown for added volume. Some wigs, known as “capless,” have vertical lace strips for better air ventilation. 

6. Double Monofilament Caps Double

What you get with a double monofilament cap is realism. Enjoy the same natural look and parting versatility as monofilament caps but with an extra layer of soft material for added comfort. Ideal for those who desire both realism and comfort. (similar to a silk top wig).

7. Full Lace Wigs

Go all in with full lace wigs! The entire cap is made of lace, offering unmatched styling versatility and a super flat appearance. These wigs are perfect for those who want the most lifelike hair transformation. (Glueless cap)

8. Hand-Tied French-Drawn Top Caps

Premium craftsmanship with hand-tied French-drawn top caps. Featuring two layers of glass silk and one layer of Swiss lace, these caps offer a realistic scalp appearance, hidden knots, and unmatched comfort. The most expensive ones!

8. Wefted/Open Cap Wigs Types 

Simplicity meets affordability with wefted/open cap wigs. Made from wefts of hair spaced out across the cap, these wigs are lightweight and breathable. Ideal for those who seek a natural lift with built-in volume at the crown. Perfect for occasional wig wearers.

Combination Wigs (The above features in different mix & Match)

Get the best of both worlds with combination wigs. These units combine various wig construction and design elements to create a personalized and comfortable wig-wearing experience. Explore affordable options with the benefits of hand-tied mesh or durable welded lace
Wigs Tops Silk VS Lace Top
silk top cap wigs types
Silk top cap
Hand-Tied-Monofilament wig types
Hand tied Monofilament cap
Monofilament top wefted cap wigs types
Monofilament top wefted cap
lace-front wigs
Lace front cap
Basic Cap wigs types
Basic cap wig
Double monofilament wig
Double monofilament cap
Full lace wig cap
Full lace wig cap
best wig cap construction
Hand tied french drawn cap
Wefted open cap wigs types
Wefted open cap

Wig Types & Knots 

Wig Cap KnotsDescription
Single KnotsThese knots are tied once, keeping the hair flat. Typically used for temple and scalp areas, they create a natural look. Less common for the front or top of a wig.
Single Split KnotsLike single knots, these knots are tied once but ventilated with two strands coming out of one hole. Ideal for a gradual, natural hairline at the front.
Double KnotThe most durable knot, versatile for various wig types. Often used for integration hairpieces where natural hair lies on top of the wig piece.
Double Split KnotCombines the look and feel of single split knots with the durability of double knots. Less visible than double knots, making it suitable for lace and mono base designs.
Frontal Hair Loss solutions
Single knots
Double knots in wigs
Double Knots
Lace front hair topper
Double Split Knots