Human Hair Toppers for Women

What are they and how they can help with hair loss and thinning hair 

Hair loss can be a distressing experience for many women, impacting self-esteem and confidence. Fortunately, human hair toppers for women have emerged as a game-changing solution to conceal hair loss and boost your hair’s overall appearance. 


In this article, we’ll provide expert insights on how to select, style, and wear your human hair topper, ensuring you achieve a seamlessly natural look. We’ll also explore the nuances of attaching your hair topper correctly for maximum comfort and security.

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Erika Luxury Human Hair Toppers Collection

Choosing the Perfect Hair Type

Just like your natural hair, human hair toppers for women come in various hair types, each with its own styling potential. When selecting a hair topper, consider whether you prefer synthetic, human hair, or heat-friendly synthetic hair options.

Many women opt for natural hair toppers because they allow for versatile styling using heated tools, resulting in a harmonious blend with your own hair. This choice is ideal for those confident in their styling abilities.

However, synthetic hair toppers also offer convenience and style. They come pre-styled in various textures like curly, wavy, and straight, effortlessly matching your desired look. Maintenance is a breeze, and they deliver a high-quality finish.

Customizing Coverage Areas 

Hair loss can manifest in different parts of the scalp, requiring specific types of hair toppers for optimal coverage. Here are some key options:

  1. Large Base Human Hair Topper: (8″x8″ & 9″x9″ cap circumference) Designed to conceal thinning hair around your parting, these toppers are ideal for women experiencing advanced hair loss/thinning.

  2. Medium base Human Hair Topper: (6″x6″ & 7″x7″ cap circumference)Positioned at the crown of your head, top toppers offer extensive coverage for multiple areas of hair loss. Ideal for women experiencing moderate hair loss/thinning.

  3. Small Base Human Hair Topper: (3″x4″ & 4″x4″ cap circumference)Covering a smaller portion in the crown area at the top of your head, these smaller base toppers add volume to your hair and effectively conceal the beginning stages of hair loss or thinning hair.

Female pattern baldness unfolds in three stages:

  1. Stage one: Hair becomes thinner on the upper part of the head, especially near the parting. Some hairstyles can help cover this up.

  2. Stage two: The scalp becomes more visible as hair loss continues. The part in the hair becomes wider compared to women with no significant hair loss.

  3. Stage three: Widespread hair loss makes the scalp highly noticeable. The affected areas may become fully bald, but hair growth might remain healthy on the sides and back of the head.

Harmonizing Colors for a Natural Look

Achieving a flawless, natural look with your human hair topper hinges on color coordination. While there is a wide range of colors available, finding an exact match for your hair tone isn’t guaranteed. To address this, select the closest matching color and have your natural hair professionally dyed to match the topper. If the difference is subtle, you might get away with it without additional coloring.

It’s also worth noting that hair toppers offer an exciting opportunity to experiment with hair colors without altering your natural hair. 

Erika Luxury Human Hair Toppers Collection

Mastering Human Hair Toppers Styling

Preparing your hair topper for styling is crucial for achieving the perfect look:

  1. Professional Trim: Consider having your hair topper professionally trimmed to ensure it blends seamlessly with your natural locks, especially if it’s a different length.

  2. Washing: Use specialized wig shampoo and conditioner to refresh your hair topper, particularly if it’s made from human hair. These products remove bacteria and restore natural shine. Gently press excess water from the topper with a towel.

  3. Drying: Allow the topper to air-dry on a wig stand or mannequin head. For human hair, if you are in a rush, you can use a hair dryer on low heat (not exceeding 135°C) to dry and add volume.

  4. Combing: Detangle the topper with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers, taking care as wet hair is susceptible to damage.

  5. Styling: Style the topper on a mannequin head or wig stand to ensure precision and minimize the risk of hair breakage. Utilize wig-friendly styling products for added volume or texture.

Always try to maintain a low heat setting (maximum 135°C) when using styling tools. A nozzle attachment ensures a smooth finish, while a diffuser attachment defines curls.

Securely Attaching Your Hair Topper

To achieve a secure fit, follow these steps to attach your hair topper:

  1. Open all the clips on the underside of the topper.

  2. Tease your hair lightly in areas where the topper clips will attach for a more secure hold.

  3. Place the topper over the area of hair loss and secure the front clip.

  4. Apply light pressure over the top of the hairpiece and run your fingers along the base to secure the back clips.

  5. Keep the base pulled taut as you secure any remaining clips.

  6. Style and blend the hair as desired for a seamless look.

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Enhancing Security with Accessories

While hair toppers are designed to stay in place, some women prefer additional security measures. Here are two options:

  1. Wig Clips: These clips, available in various sizes and colors, can provide extra hold and peace of mind. Sew them into the cap of your hair topper and slide them into your natural hair for a secure fit.

  2. Wig Tape: Available in different strengths, including hypoallergenic options, wig tape offers a discreet way to keep your topper secure.

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Erika Luxury Human Hair Toppers Collection

Styling Options with Human Hair Toppers for Women

Hair toppers offer versatile styling possibilities:

  • Updos: Easily create updos by brushing your natural locks over the topper’s hairline or blending them into an elegant updo.

  • Ponytails: You can confidently rock your favorite ponytail look by combining some of the topper’s hair with your natural strands for a realistic and blended appearance. Avoid pulling the topper too tightly for a seamless finish.

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Erika Luxury Human Hair Toppers Collection

Tips When Wearing  Your Human Hair Toppers for Thinning Hair

It may take some practice to find the perfect technique for your specific topper and hair, but once you do, you’ll be able to get ready in just a few minutes.

  • Style Separately: Begin by styling the topper hair and your own hair separately. Style the topper on a block head, not when it’s clipped into your hair. This prevents any pulling or damage to your natural hair.

  • Root Concealing: Consider using hair powder or fibers for root concealing. Apply it around your hairline and areas where your bio hair may peek through under the topper.

  • Front Hair Forward: Pull the front of your natural hair forward to blend it with the topper effectively.

  • Line Up the Parts: Ensure the parting lines of your topper and your natural hair align. Position the topper close to your hairline for a natural look.

  • Clip It In: Attach the topper by opening the clips, scooping up some hair, and gently closing the clips. Avoid pulling too tightly to prevent discomfort.

  • Blend: Hold down the topper to avoid tugging on your hair while you brush your natural hair into the topper hair. Blend them seamlessly for a cohesive look.

  • Optional Curling: If needed, curl sections of your natural hair and the topper hair to match the curl pattern.

In conclusion, human hair toppers for women provide a transformative solution if you are dealing with hair loss. By choosing the right type of hair, customizing coverage, harmonizing colors, and mastering styling and attachment techniques, you can confidently embrace a natural and flattering look. Human hair toppers offer endless styling possibilities, allowing you to express yourself while boosting your self-assurance.