Can You Style Synthetic Hair Wigs 

Using Heat?

Can You Style Synthetic Hair Wigs Using Heat?

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Synthetic wigs are fun to play with if you want to try new styles. However, you may wonder how to style synthetic wigs using heat!

If so, you don’t have to look any further. Here is everything you need to know about how to style synthetic wigs with heat.

Can You Use Heat To Style Synthetic Wigs?

You must understand that there are two types of synthetic wigs on the market. These include non-heat-resistant wigs and heat-resistant synthetic wigs. As the name suggests, the former cannot be styled using heating tools such as straighteners or curlers.

If you apply heating tools on synthetic hair wigs that are not resistant, the hair strands will suffer immediate damage. You may not be able to use that wig again.

Meanwhile, heat-resistant synthetic wigs can be styled using various heating tools. It is ideal to ensure you have high-quality synthetic wigs before styling them to avoid damage risks.

Can You Use Heat To Style Synthetic Wigs?

What To Do Before You Can Style Synthetic Wigs Using Heat?

Preparing your synthetic wigs is necessary before styling them with heat. It is best to place your wig on a canvas block head using pins so that you can enjoy a complete view of the wig.

Then untangle knots on your synthetic wigs using wide combs. Brushing the hair will also help you soften them to some extent. Finally, ensure that your wig is parted as per your preference.

Once you have used heating tools for styling, changing the parting may be difficult, which is why you should set it beforehand.

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How To Style Synthetic Wigs To Achieve A Wavy Look? (Curling Iron).

Let’s look at how you can enjoy a wavy hairstyle on synthetic wigs:

  • Separate your synthetic hair into small strands portions.
  • Heat a curling iron to 130°C or less. 
  • Take a section of hair and start curling it with your curling iron. You can curl your synthetic wig in any direction you prefer. Curl the strands from the top to the bottom.
  • Hold and Release: Hold the curl in place for about 5 to 10 seconds. Afterward, when you release the curl from the curling iron, do it slowly. Here’s the crucial part: turn the curling iron upside down and place the curl in your hand. Close your hand gently to lock the curl in place. This ensures that the curls will hold.
  • Repeat the Process: Continue this process for the entire head. It may take some time, roughly an hour to an hour and a half, but the results are worth it. Your curls will last for weeks unless the hair gets wet.

How To Style Synthetic Wigs Using A Straightener?

How to achieve a sleek, bone-straight style for your synthetic wig:

Step 1: Prep Your Wig

First things first, make sure your wig is detangled. Gently comb through the hair to get rid of any knots and tangles.

Step 2: Section the Hair

To make things easier, divide your wig into two or three sections, especially if it’s long. This will ensure every part of the hair gets the hot water treatment evenly.

Step 3: Boil the Water

Now, let’s get that water boiling. We want it really hot; that’s what’s going to straighten those synthetic fibers effectively.

Step 4: Dip and Move

Carefully dip each section into the boiling water. Submerge it fully and move it gently up and down. The longer it stays, the straighter it’ll become, so keep an eye on it.

Step 5: Brush It Out

Once you’ve removed the section from the hot water, give it a thorough brush. This helps set the hair in its new, straightened shape. Brush from the roots to the tips for that sleek look.

Step 6: Let It Air Dry

Leave your wig to air dry overnight. This gives the hair time to set in its new straightened form. Make sure it’s completely dry before you style it.

Step 7: Style and Rock It

Once your wig is dry and styled to your liking, you’re ready to flaunt your fabulous, bone-straight synthetic wig.

Once you’ve curled the entire wig, you’ll be left with beautiful, bouncy curls that look vibrant and full of life. No need for any additional products.

How To Style Synthetic Wigs To Achieve A Wavy Look?

How To: Curls 

We all love synthetic wigs for their low-maintenance style and you can create versatile looks with a few simple techniques. 

How To Soften Your Synthetic Wigs Curls

If you want to create a softer look for your curls, start by gently using a paddle brush to soften the shape. Then, apply some holding spray to set the look.

How To Define Those Textured Curls

For a more defined textured look, grab some flexible spray gel or peace-out contour fiber creme. To apply these products effectively, take a small amount in your palm and work it through the wig’s fibers. The flexible spray gel gives a wet, defined look, while the peace-out contour fiber creme offers a matte finish.

How To Restore the Original Curls Of Your Synthetic Wigs

To bring those curls back to their original glory, lightly mist the wig with water. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently comb through the hair, and use your fingers to help reshape the curls to their original form.

How To Keep Your Wig’s Curls Fresh

After washing your wig and before letting it air dry, use your fingers to reform the curls. This little trick helps maintain the curl pattern and keeps your curls looking fresh for longer.

That was your guide to how to style your synthetic wigs with heat and without. You should ensure your wig is heat resistant before using any tool on it. The product’s label will also give you an idea about the maximum temperature the wig can withstand.

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9 Essential Tips to Care for Your Synthetic Wigs

To keep your synthetic wigs looking fabulous, it’s essential to avoid certain practices that can harm their integrity. Here are our 9 valuable tips to ensure your synthetic wigs stay in great condition.

1. Say No to Dry Heat:

Never expose your non-heat-friendly synthetic wig to dry heat sources like hair dryers, curling irons, or straighteners. This can cause damage, frizzing, and reduced longevity.

2. Choose the Right Shampoo:

Opt for shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for synthetic wigs, as regular hair care products can contain harsh ingredients that harm synthetic fibers.

3. Gentle Washing is Key:

Handle your wigs with care during washing. Avoid aggressive scrubbing or agitation. Instead, use a gentle tamping motion to dry the wig with a towel and allow it to air dry properly.

4. Brush When Dry:

Wait until your wig is completely dry before combing or brushing it. Brushing while wet can warp the style and damage the fibers.

5. Store Smartly:

Avoid storing your wigs on Styrofoam heads for extended periods, as this can stretch the wig cap. Additionally, never store dirty wigs inside boxes.

6. Protect from Chlorine and Saltwater:

Chlorine and saltwater can be harsh on synthetic wigs. If you plan to swim, designate a wig specifically for such occasions to avoid damage.

7. Shield from Sunlight:

Long exposure to direct sunlight can lead to c fiber degradation. Use hats, scarves, or umbrellas to protect your wig when out in the sun.

8. Minimize Manipulation:

Over-brushing, over-styling, and over-washing can reduce the lifespan of your synthetic wig. Instead, use your fingers to fluff and shape the hair between washes.

9. Avoid Cooking Heat:

Keep your synthetic wig away from high-heat sources, such as ovens, which can cause damage.