How To Fix Synthetic Wigs 

Easy and straight-to-the-point procedure!

How to fix Synthetic wigs

How to Fix Synthetic Wigs with Steam

By following this straightforward and easy procedure for restoring synthetic wigs, you can extend the longevity and enjoyment of your hairpieces significantly.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Ensure you have all the necessary tools and equipment before starting the process!

To fix synthetic wigs you will need:

  • Wig Brush: You can use a specialized wig brush, which is gentle on synthetic fibers. However, a standard paddle brush can also work.
  • Hairpins or Clips: You’ll need these to pin up sections of the wig while working on others.
  • Steamer: A steamer is essential for softening synthetic hair. 
  • Grocery Bag: Make sure it’s plain on the inside with no prints.

This handheld steamer is ideal for restyling synthetic and human hair wigs and hairpieces. Both easy to use and lightweight in design, this compact and portable steamer features a 4.7 oz. water reservoir for extended steaming time.

Step 2: Detangle Your Wig

Begin the process by detangling your synthetic wig. Synthetic wigs tend to tangle, especially at the nape, so start from there and work your way up. Be patient and gentle to avoid damaging the fibers. Keep in mind that simply brushing the wig won’t eliminate stiffness.

Step 3: Steam to Soften the Hair

Using your steamer, apply steam to the wig while gently brushing through the hair. Start at the base of the wig and work your way towards the tips. This steaming process helps relax the texture of the synthetic fibers, making them more pliable and less stiff.

This wig kit contains a seven-piece assortment of professional tools including a styling head with stand, t-pins, a wig cap liner and a chin strap for comfort and security while styling wigs and hairpieces plus a touch-up brush and teaser lifter comb.

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Synthetic Wig Reeves - Estetica

Step 4: Pin Up the Wig

After steaming, pin up the wig to keep it out of the way while you work on different sections. Use hairpins or clips to secure the hair in place. This step makes styling easier and prevents the wig from re-tangling.

Step 5: Create Loose Curls

To give your wig a natural look, create loose curls. Take small sections of hair and curl them around your fingers, securing each curl with a hairpin or clip. These pin curls will help set the style and reduce stiffness.

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Premium Luxury Synthetic Wig by Gabor

Step 6: Steam Again

Once the pin curls are in place, use the steamer again to apply steam to each curl. This step sets the curls and ensures they hold their shape. Make sure to steam each section thoroughly.

Step 7: Allow the Wig to Cool and Dry

Leave the wig with the pin curls in place and allow it to cool and air dry completely. This process helps the curls set and the wig to regain its softness and shape. It’s essential to be patient during this step.

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Step 8: Remove the Pin Curls

Once the wig is cool and dry, carefully remove the hairpins or clips from the pin curls. Gently shake out the curls with your fingers to create loose, flowing waves. Take your time to ensure the curls fall naturally.

Step 9: Style as Desired

Now that your wig is revitalized, you can style it according to your preference. Whether you want to wear it straight out of the box or add additional styling with heat-friendly synthetic hair products, the choice is yours. Experiment with different looks, from curls to waves, to find your ideal style.

Step 10: Showcase Your Revived Wig

With these simple steps on how to fix synthetic wigs, you will now enjoy your hairpieces for longer! 


Maintaining the Beauty of Your Wig:

  • To keep your wig looking its best, regularly detangle it using a wig brush.
  • Store it properly on a wig stand or in its original packaging to prevent tangling and maintain its shape.
  • Avoid excessive heat, such as hairdryers or curling irons, as it can damage synthetic fibers.
  • Follow the care instructions provided with your wig to extend its lifespan and ensure it continues to look fantastic.