4 Steps When Choosing A Hair Topper 

By Erika Hair Toppers Collection

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Welcome to Erika Hair Toppers Guide on how to choose your perfect human hair topper!

Whether you’re already wearing a human hair topper or on the hunt for a new one, finding the ideal match is paramount to enhancing your confidence and appearance. In this article, we will emphasize the importance of two crucial aspects: identifying the stage of your hair loss and determining the area of coverage required to select the right human hair topper every single time.


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Step 1: Identify Your Stage of Hair Loss

The initial step in your journey to finding the perfect human hair topper is recognizing the stage of your hair loss. Ask yourself, “Is my hair loss in the beginning, mid, progressive, or advanced stage?” Distinguishing your stage of hair loss is fundamental as it dictates the level of coverage and support your topper should provide.

Step 2: Determine the Area of Hair Loss

Following the stage identification, it’s time to pinpoint the precise areas on your scalp that require coverage. Identify where your hair loss is most noticeable. This step is critical as it guides you in selecting the ideal topper, ensuring a seamless blend with your existing hair.

Step 3: Measuring for the Perfect Fit

To guarantee a comfortable and natural-looking fit, it’s crucial to measure accurately. Start and end your measurements in areas with a sufficient amount of hair. It’s essential that the areas you’re securing the topper to can support both the weight of the hairpiece and its base. This ensures you won’t inadvertently cause further hair loss to your natural hair.

Once you’ve established the area requiring coverage, measure from the front to the back and from side to side. Document these measurements diligently. Maintaining a record of your measurements is vital for tracking your hair loss progress. Hair loss can be a progressive condition, so it’s imperative to monitor changes over time.

Step 4: Choosing the Right Base Size

With your stage of hair loss, area of coverage, and measurements in hand, consult the Jon Renau topper chart to determine which base size will provide you with the best coverage. Keep in mind that your area of hair loss may change or shift over time, so it’s advisable to reevaluate your measurements every six months and update your records accordingly.

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Selecting the perfect human hair topper is a process that requires careful consideration. Your stage of hair loss, the area of coverage needed, and the condition of your biological hair are all essential factors to weigh when choosing the right base size. By measuring accurately and following these guidelines, you can prevent your topper from shifting, pulling, or causing additional hair loss.

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