Do Hair Toppers Look Fake?

How to Spot a Fake-Lookin’ Hair Topper: The Lowdown

Do hair toppers look fake??

What makes a hair topper scream: “Look I am hella fake?”

Let’s face it, most of us are snagging our hair toppers online these days, and we do not have time for a fake-looking hair game! 

In this article, I’m gonna break it down for you and spill the tea on what to watch out for when you’re on the market for a hair topper. Let’s get real!

Density: Please Do Not Overdo and Create Drama

First off, we gotta talk about density, or how thick that hair topper is. Now, check it, if you’re like me and got a small face, a tiny noggin, and all that jazz, stay away from hair toppers with too much volume. 

Cause trust me, it’s gonna scream fake, like, “Hey, look at me, I’m wearing a hair topper!” But if you used to rock thinner hair, find a topper that matches that natural vibe, maybe with a little extra oomph. Don’t trip; there’s no shame in havin’ some extra hair to play with. 

Bottom line: Pay attention to that density when you’re shopping, especially with human hair toppers, because they rate them from 130% to 150%. Pick what suits your style and keep it real.

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The Cap Construction!

Next, let’s chat about the cap design. You have silk tops, lace tops, monofilament tops, and basic caps in the mix. Silk top hair toppers give you that legit part line that looks like it’s growing out of your scalp. Monofilament tops give you that fake scalp vibe when you part your hair, lace tops are flat but bleach those knots! Now, basic caps are budget-friendly, but they might not have that same natural feel. Don’t write ’em off, though; they can still slay the game. Just please, pay attention and put an effort when styling!

Knots Are the No-No

One major giveaway of a  hair topper (lace toppers) is the knots! I’m talkin’ ’bout those tiny balls where the hair’s tied into the cap. If the knots are dark and in your face, your hair topper’s gonna look faker than a three-dollar bill. So, scope out hair toppers with bleached knots, especially if you have a lace front hair topper. Bleached knots mean quality and a more legitimate look. 

Some brands skip bleaching knots to keep the hair strong, but you can always hit ’em up with some concealer to lighten those knots if you need to. Those videos you see on Instagram from many expensive brands look amazing, but believe me, in real life and up close, those lace tops/lace front knots look fake if not bleached or concealed!! Side note: I am amazed by some brands that call them “invisible knots” when I can actually see than screaming ” I am here!”.

Double knots in wigs

Color! Don’t Be Mono!

Last but not least, let’s talk about color. Hair toppers with dimensional color are where it’s at for that real-deal look. Dimensional color is all about mixing up shades, highlights, and lowlights to give your hair depth and movement. Shadow roots, where the roots are darker and fade into lighter shades, are the bomb for that natural vibe. But if you got no bio hair underneath, you can play around with all sorts of topper colors without worryin’ ’bout roots peepin’ through. Check out my guide on HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR HAIR TOPPER COLOR.

Silk top hair topper inside base

Tame That Shine!

If you opted for a synthetic hair topper, please, de-shine that piece! Some synthetic hair toppers are good but the ultra shiny fibers are such a dead giveaway and yes, shiny hair toppers look fake! Check out my 4 methods to de-shine a synthetic hairpice HERE! (They work – 100%) 

Pluck That Part!

While a natural part line typically allows the scalp to peek through the strands, numerous hair toppers feature excessively dense hair, concealing the scalp and resulting in an artificial appearance. Work that part line and give it some natural vibe! Use tweezers to carefully remove one or two hairs at a time. Ensure you have a steady hand and go slowly. Plucking can significantly widen the part line and enhance the realism of your hair topper. Just go slow – it is idiotic to say, but those hairs will not grow back if you pluck too many!

Hair toppers before and after
Does it look fake to you?!

Conclusion – Do Hair Toppers Look Fake?

No, they don’t! In the world of hair toppers, it’s all about the deets, fam. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, paying attention to density, cap design, bleached knots, and dimensional color is key to rockin’ a hair topper that’s as real as it gets. So, shop with confidence, keep it 100, and enjoy looking flawless and authentic.