Curly hair toppers: why they’re hard to find!

Unveiling the challenges – from sourcing to perming and authenticity.


The Challenge of Curly Hair Toppers: Sourcing, Perming, and Authenticity

Curly hair toppers are a great accessory in the world of alternative hair. Curly hair toppers offer a quick and effective solution for women suffering from thinning hair, or bald spots, or if they are simply looking to experiment with a new look. However, finding the perfect curly hair topper can be a more challenging task. In this article, we will explain the intricacies of sourcing naturally curly hair donors for toppers and the authenticity of natural curls.

Sourcing Naturally Curly Hair for Hair Toppers

One of the primary challenges in the production of curly hair toppers is sourcing the right type of hair. While there’s a wide variety of hair textures worldwide, the majority of hair used in the creation of wigs and hair toppers is sourced from Asian countries. This is due to a combination of factors, including the availability of hair donors, competitive pricing, and established procedures. 

And guess what, it is not a secret that nearly 80% of Asians have naturally straight hair.  Now, not all Asian people have straight hair,  this would be nonsense to say, but the reality is that curly-haired people in these countries are indeed the minority, hence the scarcity of naturally curly hair for curly hair toppers and wigs production for Western customers.

Sourcing Hair in Asian Countries

The predominant source of hair for the majority of wigs available in the market is Asian hair. This hair is primarily obtained from women residing in regions such as Hong Kong and India. While there are other sources of Asian hair, including Myanmar and Japan, more recent contributions have emerged from countries like Laos, Mongolia, and Indonesia. 

Asian countries, particularly India and China, have a thriving market for human hair. In India, hair donors are often motivated by cultural and religious beliefs and contribute their locks to temples and other collection centers. This hair is then processed and sold to wig and hairpiece manufacturers around the world. In China, women sell their hair as a form to make some money and support their families. 

The pricing of Asian-sourced hair is much more affordable compared to hair from Russia or Europe, making it an attractive choice for wig and hair toppers makers. This cost-effectiveness allows wigs manufacturers to offer a wide range of products at different price points, catering to a diverse customer base.

Woman with curly hair

Hair Perming: Damage and Durability

To transform straight Asian hair into luscious curls for curly hair toppers and wigs, the hair must undergo a perming process. Perming involves treating the hair with chemicals to reshape its structure, creating curls or waves. However, this chemical treatment comes with a downside – it can damage the hair and reduce the lifespan of the hair topper or wig.

The Perming Process

The perming process typically involves applying a chemical solution to the hair, which breaks and reforms the protein bonds within the strands. This process causes the hair to take on a curly or wavy pattern. While perming can achieve beautiful results, it weakens making it more susceptible to breakage and frizz.

Curly Hair Topper
Bleached Hair

Blonde Curly Hair Topper – An Extra Challange

When it comes to perming hair to produce hair toppers or wigs the source of the hair plays a crucial role. Asian hair, which is commonly used for making hair toppers, often presents a unique challenge due to its natural dark color. This challenge arises from the fact that Asian hair is almost always dark and frequently subjected to bleaching or pre-lightening processes before it can be permed.

It’s important to understand that bleached or pre-lightened hair cannot be permed!

Attempting to perm bleached hair can result in undesirable outcomes. The consequences are twofold: the hair may either frizz out uncontrollably or if curls are achieved, they tend to lack bounce and quickly straighten out.

This phenomenon underscores the importance of working with the natural characteristics of the hair when perming hair toppers, especially when dealing with Asian hair that has been subjected to bleaching. 

Authenticity Matters: The Fake Naturally Curly Hair Topper 

Finding a truly natural curly hair topper is somehow rare in the hair industry. Many hair brand companies claim to offer natural curls but have chemically treated the hair to achieve the desired texture. This can lead to dissatisfaction among customers who seek authentic, untouched curls.

Authenticity of Curly Hair Toppers

To ensure the authenticity of a curly hair topper, it’s essential to research the sourcing practices of the seller. Reputable companies will provide transparency regarding the origin of their hair and the processing methods used. Customers should be wary of products that promise natural curls at unusually low prices, as these are with no doubt chemically treated hair.

Russian hair
Russian Virgin Hair

Curling Straight Human Hair Toppers: Texture Matters

If you are after a curly hair topper and prefer to avoid chemically treated hair, there’s still hope for achieving curly hair toppers. Depending on the hair’s texture, it’s possible to curl straight human hair toppers to create your desired curl pattern. When curling straight hair, please note, that not all hair types respond equally to styling methods.

Human Hair Toppers – Texture Matters

Asian hair, being naturally straight, can be more challenging to curl and may require more effort to maintain the desired style. In contrast, Indian and European hair textures are generally better suited for curling, offering more flexibility in achieving different curly patterns.

In conclusion, the world of curly hair toppers is a complex one, with challenges in sourcing, perming, and ensuring authenticity. Understanding these aspects can help you make an informed decision before buying your perfect curly hair topper, whether you opt for authentically curly hair or choose to style straight hair to achieve your desired look.

curling a human hair topper
Curling your hair topper with a curling iron